TD Garden

Condenser Replacement:

ARC has serviced the TD Garden for almost twenty years making sure the Boston Bruins have nothing but the best ice to play on during their hockey season. Most recently, ARC was asked by the Garden to replace two evaporative condensers on the Northwest corner of the TD Garden’s roof. Condensers are a critical part of any refrigeration system as they reject the heat removed by the system to atmosphere. As preventive maintenance ARC was brought in to replace both condensers with new ones. Due to the fact that TD Garden is located in downtown Boston, right next to a major highway, made this job extremely difficult to execute. ARC’s men had to snake a crane under the busy highway and position it between an off ramp and the Garden. The crane was used to not only remove the old condensers from the building, but also to install the new ones. The utmost caution was taken during this process, but with the expertise of the ARC crew the job turned out to be a success.

Header Replacement:

ARC was also brought in to do preventative maintenance on the ice rink cold floor headers. The cold floor headers are located on the west end of the third level. Cold floor headers are what distribute the calcium chloride brine thought the rink floor. The refrigeration system makes the brine cold, which is then pumped through the floor to make the concrete cold. The cold concrete surface is what keeps the ice. Without the headers working properly there would be no rink to skate on. This is a job that had to be done during the Bruin’s off-season.


The headers at the Garden can be found on the west side of the rink and run 85 feet in length. First, ARC workmen had to drain the brine out of the entire rink floor and dispose of it. Next, they had to cut out the old headers and pipes, which was no small task. Lastly, ARC installed the new headers and charged the system with new brine. With each new pipe laid it created more difficult access to weld the remaining pipes together. The crawl spaces were extremely tight for the ARC crew, but they were able to finish the project without any hiccups leaving the Garden reps very happy.