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Industries Served

As an essential part of the national food supply chain, we understand that it is crucial for your systems to extend product shelf life and for consumables to stay at safe temperatures. We also understand the importance of food safety. Regardless of temperature or layout requirements, ARC Mechanical can design a refrigeration system that will keep your perishables fresh.

By integrating and analyzing production line data, improvements can be made plantwide on quality, costs, waste, and other factors. Let ARC Mechanical ensure that the quality of your product isn’t compromised before it reaches the dinner table.

With produce being transported not just regionally but nationally these days, we know maintaining optimal shelf life is crucial to your business. Our knowledge of produce ripening rooms means our systems provide precise control and monitoring of air flow, temperature, and humidity in addition to carbon dioxide and ethylene to keep your high-quality fruit ripened to the exact color stage you need. Not only do our systems provide optimum ripening conditions, but they are also energy efficient and operator friendly.

In the meat processing industry, processing procedures require fast, safe, and secure refrigeration to reduce the plant’s potential for cross-contamination. With a high risk for contamination and the spread of disease, we understand that food safety is paramount. Whether for processing, storage, chilling or freezing, we can create the perfect environment for your product to increase process productivity, reduce energy inputs, and recover waste energy.

Freshness is vital to the success of the seafood industry due to the delicate nature of fish and marine life. At ARC Mechanical, we understand the need for high quality water standards to prevent contamination of toxins and extend product shelf life.

In an industrial bakery, we understand proper temperatures are critical to turning out products that meet your customers’ rising demands. We offer solutions for everything from delivering proper water temperatures to maintaining safe and proper environments for storing cookies, cakes, snack foods, bread and dough, and other baked items. In addition to providing traditional cooling and chilling for ingredients and the production environment, we also cater to parbaked and prebaked products with sustainable solutions for freezing.

We understand the high degree of accuracy necessary throughout each of phase of production in the brewing industry. Having total control of temperatures is essential for the preservation of quality and flavor. From grain processing and yeast propagation to wort chilling, fermentation, and storage of young beer in bright tanks, we can deliver and install the systems you need to maximize beer production while maintaining the integrity of your craft.

Whether you’re building new or retrofitting existing supermarkets, we can assist with your grocery store’s heating and cooling needs, from system design and install to service and part replacement.

  • Walk-in/reach-in coolers and freezers
  • Deli cases
  • Refrigerated island displays
  • Balanced retail/workspace climate control
  • Temperature-controlled distribution
  • Fine dining


Repair expenses add up if you fail to maintain your equipment, and a down system can result in product loss. Contact us today and ask about our planned maintenance program to keep your system operational.

ARC Mechanical has the expertise to design and install large-scale cold storage and cooling systems for beverage distributors, food processing plants, and other businesses that have specialized production needs.  We understand food safety, efficiency, speed to market, and low operating expenses are at the heart of the cold storage industry.

ARC Mechanical builds and maintains HVAC/R systems for private and public facilities that rely on environmentally controlled rooms for research or storage, including blood banks, vaccine storage, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories. And with new innovations in medicine come new environments for which critical cooling is essential for optimal results, more predictable outcomes, and efficiency. You can trust that ARC Mechanical understands safety is of the utmost importance in healthcare applications, and we will provide the best solutions to prevent contamination.

Ice rink refrigeration is a complex system designed to precisely keep temperatures appropriate for the needs of the facility in order to produce the best possible ice. By keeping your equipment properly maintained, our trained technicians can help you optimize operations and reduce energy costs at your skating facility. Introducing upgrades helps to reduce operating costs and provide benefits from incentives from your utility company. ARC Mechanical is the region’s industry leader in installing and maintaining ice arena refrigeration equipment.

ARC Mechanical has serviced more than 100 ice skating facilities throughout the Northeast and is an active member of NEISMA (North East Ice Skating Managers Association).

Data centers and server rooms operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and generate a large amount of continuous dry heat. Consistent cooling is critical to overcome these thermal challenges.  With today’s evolving technology, ARC understands the need to keep your mission critical systems fully operational and reliable. ARC Mechanical’s intelligent systems design will ensure your facility’s efficiency and maximize the uptime of your systems.

Government institutions at local, county, and state government agencies have uniquely varied requirements. They also have the additional challenges of handling tight fiscal responsibilities while maximizing service and controlling total cost of ownership. Often, general contractors and town officials can leverage our depth of experience in retrofits, which can often provide a large cost-benefit value for the taxpayer dollar.

ARC Mechanical services private and public institutions to provide comfortable learning environments to keep students healthy and engaged. From classroom to lab to recreational space, we will deliver solutions configured to fit your specifications for environmental controls and energy management. We have experience working with strict budgets to provide energy-efficient solutions for reducing operating costs while improving air quality, comfort, and reliability of your building or campus.